Congress wants new plans from Army on its indirect fire protection suite development

September 18, 2018

Defense News:

WASHINGTON — The Army has changed its acquisition plan for its Indirect Fire Protection Capability — designed to defend against rockets, artillery, and mortars as well as cruise missiles and drones — in a variety of ways and before Congress hands over dollars for the program, it wants more details on how the service will proceed and how much funding it will actually need.

Congress is giving the Army 30 days past the enactment of the fiscal 2019 appropriations bill to produce a report that will give lawmakers a better sense of the program and its financial needs.

“The conference agreement supports the Army’s pursuit of this defensive capability; however, the conferees remain concerned that the current budget request does not support any change in acquisition strategy or procurement and integration of available interim defense capabilities and is unexecutable as requested,” lawmakers write in a conference report released Sept. 13.

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