Congress provides $3.3 billion boost for missile defense in FY18 spending bill

March 22, 2018

Defense News:

WASHINGTON — Congress is providing for $3.3 billion more for missile defense programs in its fiscal 2018 spending bill above the Missile Defense Agency’s original request of $9.5 billion, according to the FY18 appropriations bill.

The $3.3 billion in funding includes the $2 billion Congress appropriated in December 2017 as a special supplement to the FY18 budget to accelerate missile defense and “defeat enhancements” to counter the growing threat from North Korea, according to a summary of the spending bill.

The total appropriated in FY18 is $11.5 billion.

Congressional leaders unveiled the $1.3 trillion spending bill the evening of March 21, which includes $654.6 billion for the Pentagon…

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