Avenger Air Defense Systems Headed To Ukraine

November 14, 2022

The Drive:

The Ukrainian military’s air defense arsenal is set to expand again, this time with Humvee-based Avenger systems from the U.S. military. The Avengers, which can fire Stinger heat-seeking surface-to-air missiles and engage air and ground targets with an onboard .50 caliber machine gun, could be particularly effective as flexible point defense assets against the scores of Iranian-made drones that have been flowing into Russian hands in recent months.

The Pentagon announced plans today to transfer four Avengers, a system Ukraine does not currently have in inventory, as well as additional HAWK surface-to-air missiles, more artillery and small arms ammunition, other types of Humvees, and other material as part of a new tranche of military aid valued at approximately $400 million in total. This package is a so-called “draw-down,” meaning that items will come directly from U.S. military stocks. This brings the total value of all American military assistance delivered or pledged to Ukraine since Russia launched its all-out invasion in February to $18.6 billion.

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