Army Europe air defense unit deploys to Poland for exercise

March 20, 2015

U.S. Army News:

SOCHACZEW, Poland (March 19, 2015) — A Patriot missile battery from U.S. Army Europe’s 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, or AAMDC, began arriving here, March 18, after a 1,200-kilometer tactical road movement, as part of a combined air and missile defense exercise with its Polish allies.

Delta Battery, 5th Battalion, 7th Air Defense Artillery Regiment is participating in the weeklong exercise – a series of activities within the framework of Operation Atlantic Resolve, which aims to reassure allies, demonstrate freedom of movement and deter regional aggression on the eastern flank of NATO.

Delta Battery will train with its Polish counterparts in the 37th Missile Squadron of Air Defense, testing the Patriot crew’s proficiency as well as conducting movement drills which practice the quick emplacement of the air defense systems.

The Patriot system is a sophisticated ground-to-air guided missile defense system in use world-wide including several NATO countries. The role of the Patriot is to defend against airborne threats with a short response time and the ability to engage multiple targets simultaneously.

“Being in Poland provides our Soldiers an enormous training opportunity and 10th AAMDC is committed to this cooperative effort with our Polish allies,” said Col. Greg Brady, commander, 10th AAMDC. “This exercise also highlights our high state of readiness by demonstrating our rapid deployment capability to defend strategic assets within the alliance.”

Delta Battery, 5-7 Air Defense Artillery brought nearly 100 Soldiers, and approximately 30 vehicles including a complete Patriot battery system. The exercise will take place with Polish air defenders outside of Warsaw, Poland.

“Partnerships like this benefit 5-7 Soldiers and allow us to be ready anytime we’re needed,” said Capt. Jason Bryant, commander, Delta Battery. “I’m confident in the missile defense skills of my Soldiers and our Polish friends as we’ve trained with them many times throughout recent years.”

Poland and the United States began air defense cooperation in the late 1990s before Poland’s entry into NATO. This included establishment of a partnership by 1999 with Poland’s 3rd Air Defense Brigade and U.S. Army Europe’s air defense units. Air and missile defense cooperation has intensified in recent years and continues with this exercise.

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