Army Conducts Successful Key Missile Defense Command Test

April 19, 2016

Defense News:

The Army has successfully conducted a key flight test of its Northrop Grumman-built missile defense command system leading up to a production and deployment decision, according to Northrop.

The service is working toward a fiscal 2018 fielding of the brains of its air and missile defense system, called the Integrated Battle Command System (IBCS).

The Army views bringing IBCS online as the most crucial step in developing a modular and adaptable missile defense system in the future. The service wants to get to a point where it can use any sensor or any missile to take out a wide variety of threats. IBCS will connect with any launcher, radar and missile combination seamlessly.

The test conducted April 8 “validated the ability of IBCS to manage multiple threats,” according to Northrop.

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