Air Force asks Diversified Technologies to upgrade power electronics of Cobra Dane missile-defense radar

October 15, 2020

Military & Aerospace Electronics:


U.S. Air Force missile-defense experts are continuing a long-term project to keep a 1970s-vintage strategic radar systems up and running with additional advanced power electronics technologies.

Officials of the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center at Peterson Air Force Base, Colo., announced a $71.1 million contract, late last month, to Diversified Technologies Inc. in Bedford, Mass., for an upgrade to the AN/FPS-108 Cobra Dane radar.

Cobra Dane is a passive electronically scanned array installation at Eareckson Air Station on Shemya Island, Alaska, for missile-defense early warning, missile treaty verification, and space surveillance. The radar, which stands 120 feet tall and has a 95-foot-diameter face, became operational in 1977…


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