Air Defenders Embrace New Training and Technology

February 12, 2019


Faced with increased mobilizations and shifting strategic priorities from the Executive branch through the Dept. of Defense, the 164th Air Defense Artillery (ADA) Brigade has embraced a new training regime and new technology intended to keep its air defenders a step ahead of emerging threats. With the aim of operating in any environment and exerting command and control over a variety of ADA assets not organic to their unit, this renewed look on training has Soldiers focused on honing field craft and adapting leaders to new systems and new technologies.

Looking at the challenges faced by other ADA units in Europe and South Korea, the 164th has refocused its training and tactics in anticipation of future mobilizations around the world. 

“The ADA Branch is undergoing an enormous transformation. Within the next several years, all ADA brigades will have to learn how to integrate the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) Patriot and Avenger weapon systems,” said Lt. Col. Brian Smith, Deputy Commander for the Brigade Mission Command Element.

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