Aerobotix Marks 40th Robot Installation for U.S. Missile Manufacturing as Contractors ‘Tech Up’ to Meet MDA Demand

May 19, 2022


The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) is seeking $9.6 billion in FY23 to expand regional and homeland defenses against increasingly complex and capable missile threats. The MDA requested $8.9 billion in FY22, but received an additional $1.5 billion from Congress for a total of $10.4 billion. Congress has increased funding to the MDA for two years in a row, arguing that the agency hasn’t requested sufficient funds for it to meet the requirements of the National Defense Strategy.

“Automation is often the smartest strategy when defense contractors really need to increase production,” said Ricky Schwartz, Principal Engineer at Aerobotix. “Contractors are realizing it’s time to ‘tech up.’ That’s why we’ve now installed 40 robotic systems for U.S. missile manufacturing and are already on our way to No. 50.

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