US should be prepared to meet North Korean KN08 ICBM

October 29, 2014

Defense News Update

“The North Korean long-range mobile Inter-continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) with one or more nuclear warheads called the KN-08, is a primary threat driving the need for U.S. homeland missile defense capability and to U.S. national security strategy that will continue to put forward all options to defeat this threat.” Riki Ellison, Chairman & Founder of theMissile Defense Advocacy Alliance commented today about The Commanding General of U.S. Forces in South Korea, General Curtis Scaparrotti’s briefing to the press last Friday, where Scaparrotti addressed the growing threat posed by North Korea’s new missile and the need for missile defense derived by such threats. According to Ellison, the U.S. should look at all options – including pre-emptive active and passive to the left of a KN-08 launch, to include offensive forces, cyber-attack and special operations. “The fundamental foundation for defending against the KN-08 remains our nation’s long-range ballistic missile defense system. This system needs to continually demonstrate its capabilities for both deterrence of North Korea and confidence in the system.” Ellison added… Read Full Article