US Missile Defense Officials Strengthen THAAD-Patriot Integrity to Protect North Korean Long-Range Missiles

November 8, 2019

Voice of America:

Missile defense officials say the United States will tighten its defenses to intercept North Korean long-range missiles. He said he is focusing on interoperability between Patriot missiles and SADs. Reporter Kim Dong-hyun.

Former Defense Secretary Missile Defense, Henry Obering, told Political Affairs Thursday that North Korea has advanced its long-range missile launch capability at an unexpected pace.

[Record: Former Miss Obering Commissioner] “We also had to move quickly due to the threat I remember distinctively. There was an intelligence assessment that came out in about the 1998 timeframe from the CIA said very very distinctively that the North Koreans will not be able to launch a multistage long range missile for at least 8 to 10 years ”

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