State House resolution opposes $1.9B Hawaii radar

March 16, 2021

Yahoo! News:


A resolution introduced in the state Legislature calls for the Missile Defense Agency to “resist ” siting a $1.9 billion defensive radar in Hawaii because it is a “prime example of wasteful Pentagon spending ” during a time of unprecedented need for public services in health, education and welfare.

The new resolution in the House states that new hypersonic and low-flying cruise missiles are being developed by China and Russia that can evade detection by overflying ground-based air defense sensors and underflying ballistic missile sensors.

The advances render the proposed Homeland Defense Radar-Hawaii “obsolete “—to the point that the Missile Defense Agency “defunded the HDR-H in the 2020 Defense Authorization Act, ” according to the resolution.

Defense experts and military commanders, however, say the big radar would be important in the protection of Hawaii from North Korean intercontinental ballistic missiles…


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