Patriot missile maintainers keep air defense artillery systems mission-ready

September 7, 2018


CAMP BUEHRING, Kuwait – While deployed to Southwest Asia, the maintenance team of Delta Battery, 1st Battalion, 62nd Air Defense Artillery Regiment, 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade diligently safeguards the operational readiness of the combat force in its area of operation. The 1-62nd falls under the 31st Air Defense Artillery as part of Task Force Spartan.

For a maintenance team, a Patriot Maintenance Sustainment Program (PMSP) period is a highly visible event as well as a crucial part of long-term Patriot system readiness. During the unit’s latest cycle July 6-9 the system maintenance team along with the intermediate support element (ISE) and Raytheon representatives were able to complete all maintenance actions while completing a full system validation in minimal time.

During dedicated maintenance periods outlined in the PMSP, maintainers made sure their complex systems remained mission capable. The unit maintenance team uses these periods to ensure every piece of mission critical equipment is cleaned and maintained to guarantee continuous operations.

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Curtis Stiles - Chief of Staff