10th AAMDC Soldier earns European Missile Defender of the Year Award

May 3, 2016

Army News Service:

Ramstein Air Base, Germany — Sgt. Joseph Frey, an air defense battle management system operator with the 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command, was chosen to represent the U.S. as the European Missile Defender of the Year.

The award is given to NATO service members that have made significant contributions to missile defense over the past year.

Frey who currently serves as an operations sergeant was selected out of five other candidates by his command to represent the 10th AAMDC as the European Missile Defender of the Year.

“Sergeant Frey’s professionalism, knowledge, experience and dedication contributed greatly to mission excellence,” said Lt. Col. John Billmyer, the 10th AAMDC Chief of Staff. ” He was essential in correlating the first ever common air picture between four allied forces of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization during Tobruq Legacy resulting in a slewed Czech A-6 engagement, cued from Link 16 series messages.”

Frey has worked on various combined and joint ongoing operations throughout the theater to include, Operation Active Fence, Operation Minden Shock, and Blue Flag. He has also coordinated Air Defense System Integrator training and arranged for key participants and instructors to sustain integrated Ballistic Missile Defense operations across Europe.

“We recommended Sergeant Frey for this award because he distinguished himself as one of the brightest and hardworking NCCOs in the organization,” said Maj. Michael Rodick, the head of 10th AAMDC’s Operations Staff. “Sergeant Frey has positively contributed to every mission that 10th AAMDC has been a part of this year, and has been recognized by USAREUR and 3rd Air Force leadership for his outstanding performance.”

The 10 selected individuals came from 6 NATO countries and represent the best in leadership and personal effort, demonstrating their commitment to excellence and their critical role in missile defense in the protection of Europe.

“I was shocked, and surprise when I found out I was selected for the award,” Frey said. “It was surely something I didn’t expect, I truly feel honored. I know it is all due to the mentors and leaders I’ve had through the years and of course my go to battle buddy Sergeant Coker for keeping up the competition.”

“I enjoy what I do and I am good at it. I know I owe so much to those around me.”

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