Israel’s Long-Range Artillery Weapon System (LORA)

June 2017 by Mark Vermylen


Designation Long-Range Artillery Weapon System (LORA)
Mobility and Role Surface-to-Surface
Designer/Producer Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)
Range 400km
Warhead Type and Weight


440kg Conventional; 600kg HE Warhead

Yield Unkown
Guidance System/Accuracy

10m CEP

GPS; TV Terminal guidance

Propellant Solid propellant
IOC/Retirement First revealed in 2006
Status/Number of Units Unknown
Launch Vehicles Transportable Erector Launcher on a Container Ship

The LORA is a container-based surface-to-surface missile that Israel has now successfully tested. A standard shipping container houses 4 missiles, which are controlled by an operator working from a command and fire control section located in another container. This operator can control 4 container launchers at once, for a total of 16 of the missiles. The LORA can be stored in a container for up to 7 years without maintenance.

Strategic Implications

The LORA is a deceptive missile that hides in plain sight on a commercial freight ship. If undetected, it could launch up to 16 missiles before detection. No modifications to the ship need to be made once the weapons system is loaded on. In addition to offensive missiles, cargo ships can be equipped with cannisterized and/or concealed anti-ship missiles and guns, as well as air and missile defense interceptors and sensors; essentially making them asymmetric and concealable warships. If equipped with concealed weapon systems, cargo ships could easily slip behind enemy lines and conduct disruptive asymmetric military operations.”