Fort Greely

September, 2022


Fairbanks Census Area, Alaska


49th Missile Defense Battalion

Known Systems and Batteries:

Fort Greely is home to 44 Ground-based Interceptors, heightening America’s domestic ballistic missile defense capabilities. 20 additional silos have been established and are awaiting NGI placement, estimated by 2027.


August 17, 2005: The 49th receives its own insignia with the phrase “Defensimus Patrium”, or “Defend the Homeland”.[i]

July 22, 2004: Fort Greely receives its first Ground-based Interceptor, manned by the 49th Missile Defense Battalion.

January 22, 2004: The 49th Missile Defense Battalion is established at Fort Greely as part of the 100th Missile Defense Brigade headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO.

2001: Fort Greely designated as the Ground-based Midcourse Missile Defense Site.[i]

1942: Fort Greely is established as an Army Air Corps base during World War II.