North Korean Test Launch of the Polaris-2 Ballistic Missile

February 13, 2017

On Sunday, February 12, 2017, North Korea launched a previously unseen ballistic missile called the Polaris-2, or Pukgukson-2. Sunday’s test indicates a significant step forward for North Korea’s missile program. The Polaris-2 is a derivative of North Korea’s Polaris-1, which is a solid-fuel submarine-launched ballistic missile. In addition to its solid fuel, the Polaris-2 was “cold-launched,” or expelled from its launch tube before igniting. These factors, coupled with the Polaris-2’s road-mobility, make the missile highly mobile and capable of being launched on short notice.

MDAA Chairman and Founder Riki Ellison is currently in South Korea, visiting following this turbulent event.

MDAA Chairman and Founder Riki Ellison at the United Nations Command, ROK-US Combined Forces Command, South Korea