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In Beijing today, China displayed some of its newest conventional and nuclear ballistic missiles in its growing arsenal at its annual Victory Day parade. The parade is held in recognition of China’s victory in World War II.  Here were some of the highlights:
(in parade sequence)
DF-15B – These short-ranged conventionally armed ballistic missiles have a range of 600 kilometers, and are similar to the SCUD family missiles.


DF-16 – China’s newly introduced replacement to the DF-15 family, these short to medium range ballistic missiles have a range of 800-1000 km. They are also some of China’s most accurate ballistic missiles, reportedly capable of hitting slow moving targets.


DF-21D – China’s now infamous “carrier killers,” DF-21D is an anti-ship ballistic missile designed to target aircraft carriers in the western Pacific. Ranged at around 1500 km, these missiles were reportedly tested in the Gobi desert in January 2013 against flat concrete targets roughly the size of a U.S. aircraft carrier deck.


CJ-10 (DH-10) – Considered China’s answer to the U.S. Tomahawk, the CJ-10 land-attack cruise missile can carry a 1,100 kg high-explosive or sub-munition payload a distance of around 2,500 kilometers with relative accuracy.


DF-26 – China’s newest ballistic missile, DF-26 is a medium to long-range missile capable of delivering conventional or nuclear weapons to nearly anywhere in the western Pacific. Known colloquially as the “Guam Killer,” this missile is considered a serious threat to U.S. and allied military forces deployed in the Asia Pacific theater.


DF-31A – One of China’s intercontinental-ranged ballistic missiles (ICBM), DF-31A is able to deliver nuclear warheads to the western United States and parts of the Midwest.


DF-5B– China’s longest ranged ICBM, DF-5B reportedly has a range of up to 15,000 km, making it capable of delivering multiple nuclear warheads almost anywhere on Earth.


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