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KN-11 Mod 2

The North Korean KN 11 mod 2 Ballistic Missile analysis from Nathan Hunt a long time MDAA Alliance member since the inception of MDAA.

The initial tech for the engine and guidance system for the KN-11 was first thought to be based off the R-27 Zyb. Latest testing of the KN-11 Pukkuksong-1 and Pukkuksong-2 are that DPRK has created new generation of solid state engines unlike the older R-27 Zyb which was liquid fueled, the Pukkuksong-1 and now the Pukkuksong-2 gives North Korea a low detection and higher maneuverability than current generations of DPRK liquid fueled ballistic missile provide.

With the Pukkuksong-2 has a system that can be kept in a climate controlled canister up until time of launch providing capability to keep the warhead mated to missile for extended periods of time and provide rapid roll out and launch capability due to systems contained in depots that can be quickly deployed to firing positions without fueling and fired from the missile’s TEL.

“In my view this system is much more of a game changer for DPRK missile capability over what the DPRK had demonstrated with their Hwasong-10 Musudan missile which is liquid fueled and still is heavily based off the older soviet R-27 Zyb missile, requiring fueling prior to launch.”

–Mr. Nathan Hunt, COO of Strategic Sentinel

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