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General Darryl A. Williams, Major General Gregory J. Brady, and Brigadier General Maurice Barnett at the 10th AAMDC change of command ceremony on July 12th, 2022 in Germany.

We witnessed the change of command today at Sembach Kaserne, Germany of the most critical mission in Europe – the Missile Defense of Europe by the Allied and US Leadership of the 10th Army Air and Missile Defense Command (AAMDC). This Command is the European Combatant Command executive agent for all Theater Air and Missile Defense operations and Air and Missile Defense Force Management for all of Europe and Africa. Led by General Darryl Williams, Commander US Army Europe and Africa, who was just appointed to the position on June 28. General Williams presided over the ceremony giving the command of the 10th AAMDC to Brigadier General Maurice Barnett from Major General Greg Brady. Lieutenant General Daniel L. Karbler, the Commanding General of the United States Army Space and Missile Defense Command and United States Army Forces Strategic Command, was present. Command Leadership presence today shows the value of this critical mission for the United States of America for the defense of Europe.

As recited today during the review of the troops – “The 10th AAMDC remains ready and responsive by strengthening strategic ties and building allied and partner capacity through integration with joint and multinational partners in all aspects of air and missile defense operations and exercises. Recent missions include NATO air and missile defense operations in Turkey, exercises Juniper Cobra 16-21 in Israel, and Anaconda in Poland. Joint Project Object Windmill in the Netherlands, Artemis Strike Live Fire at the NATO Missile Firing Installation in Crete, and Saber Strike. In 2019, the 10th AAMDC facilitated the first-ever deployment of the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense to Israel and Romania, focusing on global mobility. The unit’s recent history includes the transition to a general officer headquarters in 2019, with Major General Brady as the first commanding general. 10th AAMDC oversaw the fielding and training on the Army’s new striker-based M-SHORAD platform, reflecting the Army’s commitment to modernizing its air and missile defense forces. In early 2022, the 10th AAMDC deployed elements from 5-4 ADA Regiment and 5-7 ADA battalion to Eastern Europe in support of NATO operations along the Eastern Flank. Currently, the 10th AAMDC commands and controls air and missile defense forces spread across eight countries.”

“The fantastic soldiers of the 10 AAMDC mirror their commander’s passion and service. They have supported the movement of 42,000 Afghans in their journey to freedom and security. They rapidly deployed three patriot batteries in less than ten days’ notice when the nation called. They trained Ukrainian soldiers on radars at a critical time of need. They completed their first-ever forward supply support activity displacement in the AOR, setting a standard emulated by our other commands. In crisis, they deployed … forces across theater, providing critical short-range air defense capabilities to 4 different countries. Throughout, the soldiers, sergeants, officers, and civilians of this command displayed professionalism, expertise, and commitment to our nation and its values. Their performance is a testament to the outstanding leadership of Major General Brady.” 

– General Darryl A. Williams

“It’s a bitter-sweet honor to be here today. Bitter because of how sad I am to leave this team I love so much. Sweet, because of how much this team has accomplished that General Williams highlighted over the last three years and because of the exciting future I see for the command in the coming years. 10th AAMDC boasts a storied history, and I’m proud to serve with these soldiers. I’m proud of having the distinct honor of commanding this organization two different times at three different ranks. Soldiers in the 10 AAMDC, you are the finest I have ever had the honor of serving with. Our team stands ready to defeat the most complex air and missile defense threats at any time, and we have demonstrated this repeatedly.” 

– Major General Gregory J. Brady

“Now, despite the successes of the 10 AAMDC over the past three years, challenges and dangers are always present. We have a huge theater and much to protect, requiring us to optimize our efforts and assist our allies and partners as they do the same. I am confident, however, because we have an exceptional command team to face these challenges in Brigadier General Mo Barnett.”

– General Darryl A Williams

“Today is about the mission. The mission that we have been given as part of the United States Army in Europe and Africa to deter aggression and to assure our allies and partners. That’s what we’re about. I appreciate the opportunity to be here. I am truly blessed by this opportunity to be here. I will take the great work this organization has done over the last three years and continue to build on it. [General Brady] passed a brilliant baton on. We will continue to do the things that are necessary to deter aggression and to assure our alliance. There is much more to be done in the coming years, but the work is made easier by the great things this team—Team Brady—has accomplished in the past. I am excited to join this great team—Team 10—and I’m humbled by the leaders with whom I’ll serve.”

– Brigadier General Maurice Barnett

Click here to view the parade review with General Williams, Major General Brady, and Brigadier General Barnett.

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