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“Praise God, we have air defence forces capable of blocking these kinds of rockets, destroying them and thwarting attempts like this.”

Saudi Arabia Brigadier General Ahmed Asseri
Today, Saudi Arabia successfully intercepted a Scud missile fired by Yemen Houthi Militia towards the city of Khamees Mushait and the largest Saudi Arabian Air Force Base: the King Khaled Air Base.

Saudi Arabia used one of its Patriot Missile Defense Firing Units bought from the United States to acquire, track and destroy the Scud Missile.

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MDAA’s mission is to make the world safer by advocating for the development and deployment of missile defense systems to defend the United States, its armed forces and its allies against missile threats.

MDAA is the only organization in existence whose primary mission is to educate the American public about missile defense issues and to recruit, organize, and mobilize proponents to advocate for the critical need of missile defense. We are a non-partisan membership-based and membership-funded organization that does not advocate on behalf of any specific system, technology, architecture or entity.