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North Korea conducted a solid fuel rocket engine test demonstration on Saturday, which could set a 2020 timeline for a North Korean ICBM test, validating new capabilities for increased reliability to strike the United States of America with a nuclear weapon. North Korean synchronicity with the demand of the United States to come to the negotiation table without any intent of denuclearization, but deliberating a real threat of breaking a self-imposed test ban on ICBM testing as a “Satellite Launch” will be at the forefront of Kim Jong Un’s national security policy for 2020 to be likely announced in the upcoming New Year’s speech.

Grossly miscalculating the reaction of the American public to a third world country dictator that is self-imposing a false pretense of global power by demonstrating a nuclear threat to the American population. Regardless of the United States President and political party affiliations, the American public represented by the United States Congress will adamantly demand 100% defense in reliability, capacity and capability in defense against North Korean Nuclear ICBMs by the United States Government. The American Public and Congress will also demand leadership to de-escalate, denuclearize and dismantle the North Korean nuclear ICBM threat through diplomatic means and rely on assurance of the most effective deterrent to prevent a decision by North Korean leadership to strike the United States or its Allies.

North Korea putting the American population at nuclear risk during a presidential election year, with a President running for re-election, is madness due to the consequences of what would happen to North Korea from a President that will want to show leadership to defend the United States from this threat. For North Korea to test launch an ICBM with the relationship that President Trump has with Kim Jong Un, that would most likely never happen with any other U.S. President, would be a disastrous decision that even China or Russia could not help North Korea recover from.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is likely to go to vote this week to fund the United States Department of Defense, and the American public should look to the policy and capabilities that the United States has to deter a North Korea Leader and to defend against a more capable North Korean ICBM threat.

It would be pure madness for the North Korean Leader to test launch an ICBM ballistic missile and pure madness if the United States did not have the best reliability and the most capability to defend the American public against North Korean ICBM ballistic missiles and their continued development and production.

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MDAA’s mission is to make the world safer by advocating for the development and deployment of missile defense systems to defend the United States, its armed forces and its allies against missile threats.

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