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Dr. Neil Gilbert Siegel and the President of the United States Joe Biden at the White House, October 24th, 2023. Picture provided by Dean Yannis Yortsos

Dear Members and Friends 

We are honored to have one of our most prominent professors for our USC SHIELD program be recognized and honored by the President of the United States of America yesterday. President Biden awarded the National Medal of Technology and Innovation to Dr. Neil Gilbert Siegel.

Dr. Siegel is an exceptional academic leader for our nation and the world. We have been very fortunate to have Dr. Seigel as an integral part of our USC SHIELD since its inception and being a prominent lecturer of every USC SHIELD program over the past three years. Dr. Siegel is one the best and brightest minds our country has, as recognized today by the President of the United States to tackle the most pressing engineering challenges that have faced and currently face our nation. His leadership on the Blue Tracker link has saved thousands of lives. Dr. Siegel just lectured last Friday to our 2024’ SHIELD Cohort with a presentation on “The Common Errors in Engineering Assessment, and How to Avoid Them”. 

We are graced with the honor to have Dr. Siegel teach the next generation of military and industry leaders, and we applaud the White House for recognizing the rare and formidable talent and skillsets that Dr. Siegel has to make our world and nation a safer and better place.

Winners associate with winners to win 

Congratulations Dr. Neil Gilbert Siegel!

Fight on!

Mission Statement

MDAA’s mission is to make the world safer by advocating for the development and deployment of missile defense systems to defend the United States, its armed forces and its allies against missile threats.

MDAA is the only organization in existence whose primary mission is to educate the American public about missile defense issues and to recruit, organize, and mobilize proponents to advocate for the critical need of missile defense. We are a non-partisan membership-based and membership-funded organization that does not advocate on behalf of any specific system, technology, architecture or entity.