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Mr. Riki Ellison and ADM Philip Davidson at MDAA’s Virtual Congressional Roundtable on September 17, 2020.

“We can’t take a pause, wait for some perfect solution to manifest itself in 2035 or 2040. We are in the threat environment now. The trajectory of Chinese development since 2012, especially, but certainly throughout the course of the 21st century, the advancements that Russia has made over this past decade… are critically important for us to move out now, and that’s going to require moving with the current systems that we have now and bridging them forward.” – Admiral Phil Davidson, Commander of US INDOPACOM, at MDAA’s Virtual CRT on September 18, 2020.

I would like to introduce to you the 25th Combatant Commander of the Indo-Pacific Combatant Command. It is the biggest and the oldest Combatant Command. There are 36 nations in that area of responsibility, and it has over 50% of the world’s population. Admiral Davidson is overseeing 380,000 American men and women in his role, and we give credit for his leadership going through the COVID-19 and securing the region with stability and peace. He has led forward in priority number one with the National Defense Strategy that, in 2018, stated that we are shifting our military doctrine into near-peer competition against Russia and China. He has followed and propelled Senator John McCain’s Pacific Deterrence Initiative.

Admiral Davidson has to address the biggest threats to the United States in the world today: Russia, China, and North Korea. A tremendous challenge that he has to face. One of the greatest things that he does is he’s a unifier with our allies, and we can’t fight this fight alone.

I’d like everybody to welcome a great leader of our nation, a great peacemaker of the world, Admiral Davidson.

“The Indo-Pacific is the single most consequential region for America’s future. I made mention of China and the threat there before. And the nation’s National Security Strategy and our National Defense Strategy, we currently highlight these facts. At INDOPACOM, we are working to implement the National Defense Strategy in the Indo-Pacific, by aligning policy, capability, and our budget priorities to our requirements that are dictated by the National Defense Strategy here in the region.” – Admiral Phil Davidson, Commander of US INDOPACOM, at MDAA’s Virtual CRT on September 18, 2020.

MDAA’s fifth Virtual Congressional Roundtable was held yesterday with Admiral Phil Davidson, on ‘Indo-Pacific Challenges Driving Missile Defense Solutions’. Click here for both video and transcripts of the event.

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Mission Statement

MDAA’s mission is to make the world safer by advocating for the development and deployment of missile defense systems to defend the United States, its armed forces and its allies against missile threats.

MDAA is the only organization in existence whose primary mission is to educate the American public about missile defense issues and to recruit, organize, and mobilize proponents to advocate for the critical need of missile defense. We are a non-partisan membership-based and membership-funded organization that does not advocate on behalf of any specific system, technology, architecture or entity.