Redstone Arsenal To Test SHORAD For The Army | UK Deploys Warrior IFVs To Estonia | Japan To Use AI For Patrol Planes

November 12, 2019

Defense Industry Daily:

Redstone Arsenal is starting to test a new air defense vehicle for the Army. The Stryker A1 IM-SHORAD vehicle supports the Army’s short-range air defense (SHORAD) operational gap. Armed with Hellfire missiles, Stinger missiles and a 30mm cannon, its precision fire-power defeats unmanned aerial systems as well as fixed wing and rotary wing threats. “It all started about 18 months ago when the Army identified that we had this existing gap and they charted our office to find the right material solution to fill that gap,” said Colonel Chuck Worshim, cruise missile defense systems. Arsenal officials say government testing for the very first prototypes started in Huntsville. Test stations in other states will start in January.

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