Ukraine’s ATACMS ‘Degrading Russian Air Defenses’ ahead of F-16 Arrival—ISW

June 13, 2024


Ukraine may be targeting Russia’s air defenses ahead of U.S-built F-16 fighter jets arriving in the country, according to a new assessment, as Kyiv says it has taken out a slew of expensive air defense assets stationed near its borders.

“Ukrainian forces may seek to actively degrade Russian air defenses before Ukraine receives a significant number of aircraft,” the U.S. think tank, the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) said on Wednesday.

Kyiv is due to receive the first of its promised and long-awaited F-16 fighter jets any day now. Four countries—Denmark, the Netherlands, Norway and Belgium—have committed to providing F-16 aircraft to Ukraine to boost its depleted fleet of Soviet-era planes, up against superior and more numerous Russian aircraft.

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