New Jersey Reception of Champions in Camden, New Jersey


October 21, 2016

In Camden, New Jersey at the Adventure Aquarium alongside the Delaware River across from Philadelphia, MDAA hosted the first ever New Jersey Reception of Champions event. We were honored to be joined by VADM James Syring, United States Congressman Norcross (D-NJ-1), and Congressman MacArthur (R-NJ-3) to commemorate our Navy Aegis Air and Missile Defense Champions. The Champion engineers and developers of Aegis Combat System, along with those champions developing the Long Range Discriminating Radar (LRDR) – being placed in Alaska in 2020 to increase reliability to defend the U.S. Homeland – were recognized in New Jersey for their excellence as being part of the team that is making the world a safer place.


Michelle Morrell                                           Steve Daniels

Ron Chushinotto                                           Martin Burnore

Fred Nocito                                                    John Greshock

Rob Waite                                                      Ryan Whitson

Ed Dunne                                                       Brent Ouellette

Brian Coker                                                    Mark Bennett

Roger Johnson                                               Ed Beach

PO2 Nathan Royston

We are grateful for the 2017 New Jersey Champions for their excellence in leadership to make our nation safe.