Virtual CRT: The Future of Command and Control

On Wednesday, May 13, 2020, the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance hosted a Virtual Roundtable discussion on “The Future of Command and Control.” Scroll below for a video and a transcript of the event.


Mr. Preston C. Dunlap
Chief Architect
Department of the Air Force

Major General Michael A. Fantini
Acting Deputy Chief of Staff for Strategy, Integration and Requirements
U.S. Air Force

Brigadier General David J. Kumashiro
Multi-Domain Command and Control Cross-Functional Team Lead, Air Force Warfighting Integration Capability
U.S. Air Force

Mr. Stan Stafira, Jr.
Chief Architect
Missile Defense Agency

Mr. John Bier
Program Director for C2BMC
Missile Defense Agency

Mr. Riki Ellison
Chairman and Founder
Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance





Curtis Stiles - Chief of Staff