6th Annual New Jersey Reception of Missile Defense Champions

The Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance hosted the 6th annual New Jersey Reception of Champions in Camden, NJ on December 1, 2021. The purpose of this event was to recognize the critical role New Jersey plays as home to some of our nation’s best missile defense engineers and warfighters.

We were honored to be joined by Rear Admiral Tom Druggan and Captain Phillip Mlynarski to commemorate our Navy Aegis Air and Missile Defense Champions. The Champion engineers and developers of the Aegis Combat System and the Long-Range Discrimination Radar (LRDR) were recognized for their excellence as being part of the team that is making the world a safer place.

New Jersey Warfighter Missile Defense Champions

CO FCA1(SW) Nathan M. Adams
FCAC(SW) David Gentry
ICO OS1 Derek Mackley

New Jersey Engineer Missile Defense Champions

Ms. Allison Boyd
Mr. Ravi Patel
Mr. Andre Maul
Mr. Joe Gursky
Mr. Dan Holmes
Mr. Michael Venuti
Ms. Rosemarie White
Mr. Ken Babicki
Mr. Mark Hauser
Mr. Stu Ostapovich
Ms. Diane Conley
Mr. Don Casker
Mr. Gary Toth (IDT)
Ms. Galena Teresh (ASRC FMS)
Mr. Tim Comparri (ASRC FMS)

New Jersey Aegis TechRep Missile Defense Champions

Ms. Hetal Patel
Mr. Nick Amoroso
STG1 Nickolas Gonzalez
OS1 Derek Piotrowsk

Michele Evans Award for Best Engineer

Mr. Michael Kasmer

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