2019 Peninsula Missile Defender of the Year

The Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance held its seventh annual Peninsula Defender of the Year Award Ceremony in Seoul, Korea on Thursday, November 21, 2019. The event honored 35 Missile Defenders from the U.S. and Republic of Korea.

2019 Peninsula Defenders of the Year:

United States Army’s 35th ADA Brigade

LTG Thomas Vandal MVPs

1LT David Johnston
CPL Donald Whicher

Information and Coordination Central (ICC) Crew – 6-52

SPC Matthew Miller
PFC Robert Williams

THAAD Fire Control Communication (TFCC) Crew – D-2

1LT Kyle Weiner
SPC Joshua Kadukara
PFC Cory Foraker

Engagement Control Station (ECS) Crew – A/2-1

2LT Madeline Carlson
SPC Ethan Hayes
PFC Dylan Verran

TLS – D-2

SGT Juan Padilla
SPC Brenden Miller
PFC Shawn Young

Battery Command Post (BCP) Crew – B/2-1

PFC Justin Johnson
PFC Joshua Walker

Tactical Command System (TCS) Crew – 2-1

PFC Vincent Montgomery
PFC Vincent Tapia
PV2 Peter Maldonado
PV2 Danial Vincent

Launcher Crew – D/2-1

CPL Carlos Pagan
SPC Daniel Stevens
PFC Genaro Emiliano
PFC Jeremi Turner

Sentinel Crew

SGT Rebecca Howe
SPC Joey Borja
SPC Jesse Munoz
SPC Matteau Tanner

Avenger Crew

SGT Wyatt Petree
PFC Michael Needham

Republic of Korea 2nd ADA Brigade

2LT Kuk Min Cheol
SFC Lee Chan Woo
SSG Sim Haemosu

Republic of Korea 3rd ADA Brigade

1LT Jo Jeong Hee
SFC Park Woo Min
SSG Lim Jin Hyuck