2018 New Jersey Reception of Champions

The Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance hosted the 3rd annual New Jersey Reception of Champions. The purpose of this event was to recognize the critical role New Jersey plays as home to some of our nation’s best missile defense engineers and warfighters.

We were honored to be joined by Rear Admiral Tom Druggan and Captain Phillip Mlynarski to commemorate our Navy Aegis Air and Missile Defense Champions. The Champion engineers and developers of the Aegis Combat System were recognized in New Jersey for their excellence as being part of the team that is making the world a safer place. We were also honored to recognize eight warfighters that keep our nation safe.

2018 New Jersey Warfighter Missile Defense Champions:

FCAC (SW) Jeremiah J. Wright
CTT1 (SW) Robert M. Amrine
CTT1 (SW) Jeffery Smith
FCA1 Daniel Hopkins
FCA2 (SW) Randall Anderson
OS1 (SW/AW) Troy A. Scott
Mr. Thomas Napholz
SCA1 (SW) Brady Aborn

2018 New Jersey Engineer Missile Defense Champions:

Joe Cook
Stu Ducker
Mike Fusco
Christine Malek
Chris Mascioli
Bill Miasek
Keith Philo
Dan Ruch
Jim Schreiber
Dylan Thorner
Juma Thorpe
Steve Young
Jason Tricoche
Wendy Haniman
Victoria McDermott

Photos from the event are below: