Allied Sensor Systems

ELM 2084 MMR (Israel)

elm-radarElta’s ELM-2084 is a Multi-Mission Radar (MMR), purposed for air defense, that detects the nature of incoming rounds and sends that information to the Iron Dome or David’s Sling to intercept the incoming projectile. The system is also purposed to detect artillery and can locate the source of enemy artillery fire and predict the trajectory and point of impact within the friendly zone for incoming artillery shells, missiles and mortars. This radar is equipped with an “advanced active electronically steered array (AESA)” which allows it to compile a 3D Air Situation Picture in real time. The physical radar rotates in accordance with incoming projectiles to update the air picture and accurately track projectiles through flight.

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Green Pine Radar (EL/M 2080) (Israel)

eThe Elta Green Pine early warning and fire control radar, designated EL/M 2080, is a vital part of the Arrow missile defense system. Green Pine was developed in Israel, but has also been sold to and deployed in India and South Korea. It operates at L-Band in the range of 500MHz – 1000MHz and can simultaneously search, detect, track and operate in missile guidance mode. It can track up to 30 targets traveling at 10,000 ft/s, and advanced tracking technology allows Green Pine to guide Arrow-2 interceptors within 4 m of the target—discriminating between decoys and true threats—before detonating their fragmentation warhead for intercept.

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SMART-L Radar (the Netherlands and Others)

smart-lDesigned for surface ships, the Signal Multi-Beam Acquisition Radar for Targeting, or SMART-L, is a 3D surveillance radar that provides long-range surveillance and tracking against conventional aircraft and medium-range surveillance and tracking against small “stealth” missiles. Built by Thales Nederland, the system has become a de facto volume search radar of choice for six NATO navies. Using a phased array radar, SMART-L can provide accurate 3D target information and contribute to the threat evaluation process, allowing a ship’s weapon control system to commit to the fastest lock-on for engagement. The system can track up to 1,000 air targets at ranges up to 400 km, and its multi-beam operation allows the radar to acquire near hemispherical coverage in a single scan and perform accurate target elevation measurement in multipath conditions.

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