Mobility Road-mobile
Role Patriot fire control radar
Deployment United States and other countries possessing Patriot air and missile defense systems
Frequency C-band & G/H-Band
Range 100km
Producer Lockheed Martin, Raytheon


AN/MPQ-53 (PAC-2) The AN/MPQ-53 is the radar program and missile commander for the Patriot MIM-104 defense systems. Specializing in medium/high altitude anti-ballistic missile defense, the system is a collaboration between Lockheed Martin and Raytheon that consists of a C-band frequency.[i] It is a passive electronically scanned array radar system which is remotely operated by 3-4 people using the MSQ-104 Engagement Control Station (ECS) via a cable link.[ii] The MPQ-53 is unique in the sense that it is a “detection-to-kill” system, meaning that a single unit performs all its functions in comparison to other Surface-to-Air Missile Systems (SAM) which require several radars to function efficiently.[iii] The radar can detect and track more than 100 potential targets and has a range of over 100 km.[iv] Being that the MPQ-53 has no moving parts, it makes it difficult to jam and increases its overall success.

AN/MPQ-65 (PAC-3) Under the PAC-3 program the MPQ-53 radar set has been replaced with the MPQ-65. The upgraded MPQ-65 radar set can track and engage a larger number of targets, while the baseline features are enhanced to better counter developing threats like maneuverable ballistic missiles, stealth cruise missile, and aircraft.[v] Using a G/H-band frequency, the radar carries a range of over 100km and is also operated by using the MSP-104 ESC.[vi] The AN/MPQ-65 radar uses a second traveling wave tube (TWT) which allocates more search, detection, and tracking, capabilities than the MPQ-53.[vii]


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