Space News

June 22, 2022

South Korea launches first satellite with homegrown rocket

AP NEWS: South Korea conducted its first successful satellite launch using a domestically developed rocket on Tuesday, officials said, boosting

June 7, 2022

MDA deploys the second set of CubeSats in space

Space Daily: Building on the successful launch and deployment of its first two CubeSat Networked Communications Experiment (CNCE) Block 1

May 17, 2022

Space Force to Add Three Intelligence Squadrons—‘Billets Are Already in Place’

Air Force Magazine: The Space Force plans to add three new intelligence squadrons in the next two years, said Lt.

March 8, 2022

Iran says puts new military satellite in orbit

Space War: Iran announced Tuesday it had successfully placed a military satellite in orbit, as talks on reviving a 2015

December 17, 2021

Defense policy bill gives a budget boost to space programs

Space News: The 2022 National Defense Authorization Act — which Congress just passed and now awaits the president’s signature — adds more

December 13, 2021

Satellite images, expert suggest Iranian space launch coming

ABC News: DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Iran appears to be preparing for a space launch as negotiations continue in

December 9, 2021

Space Development Agency to acquire 28 missile-tracking satellites to launch in late 2024

Space News: The Pentagon’s Space Development Agency is planning a new procurement of satellites that will be part of a

December 6, 2021

Almaz-Antey director: Air and space capabilities will decide tomorrow’s conflicts

Defense News: One of the main trends in the development of armed conflicts in the 21st century is the expansion

October 15, 2021

From spy satellites to mobile networks, South Korea hopes new rocket gets space programme off ground

The Straits Times: South Korea plans to test its first domestically produced space launch vehicle next week, a major step

September 28, 2021

Global Missile Defense From Space Got More Affordable, DOD Official Says

DOD news: The Defense Department hopes, within the decade, to have a meshed network of low Earth orbit satellites — linked