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January 25, 2023

US-Israeli military drills designed to send message to Iran

MENA: The most significant US-Israeli military drills in recent years sent a clear message to Iran that the allies are

January 25, 2023

Drones could play key role in PLA’s ‘final unification war’ on Taiwan

SCMP: A Chinese military magazine has highlighted the vital role drones would play in the event of a war across

January 25, 2023

Russia, Syria restore Syrian air base for joint use

Reuters: Russia and Syria have restored the al-Jarrah military air base in Syria’s north to be jointly used, Russia’s Defence

January 23, 2023

Australia to speed up purchase of sea mines to shore up maritime defence

The Strait Times: Australia said on Monday it would accelerate plans to buy advanced sea mines to protect its maritime

January 20, 2023

Japan’s Three-In-One Missile Trained On China

MenaFN: Japan aims to enhance its missile arsenal with interchangeable warheads, a likely asymmetric response to China’s growing fighter fleet

January 20, 2023

North Korea passes new defense budget

Defense News: North Korea’s rubber-stamp parliament has passed a budget that sustains a high level of defense spending, despite the

January 19, 2023

US Missile Defense Agency to Modernize Radar Simulation System

The Defense Post: Computer storage solutions provider One Stop Systems (OSS) has received a $3 million contract to modernize the

January 18, 2023

Army Special Forces are testing this rapid-fire mortar system

Defense News: The 3rd Special Forces Group is testing a new mortar systems platform that could be used by special

January 18, 2023

US defence chief to visit Seoul ahead of bilateral exercise against North Korean nuclear attacks

Asian News Network: The South Korean and US defense chiefs will meet in Seoul before the end of next month

January 17, 2023

Raytheon preparing for more radar milestones after first at-sea test

Defense News: Raytheon Technologies hopes to follow the successful at-sea testing of one version of its SPY-6 radar last month