Missile Defense News

June 16, 2022

Hawaiian Space Force Antennas Collect Vital Data with ‘Antiquated’ Equipment

Air Force Magazine: Atop a ridge 1,500 feet above the waters of Yokohama Bay on Oahu island are six giant

June 16, 2022

Ministry to form environmental assessment body for THAAD unit ‘normalization’

Yonhap News Agency: South Korea’s Defense Ministry plans to form a government-civilian consultative body for the long-delayed environmental impact assessment

June 16, 2022

36th Munitions Squadron Readies Guam for Improved Stand-Off Weapons Capability

Air Force Magazine: Amid 4,400 acres of jungle terrain on the northern plateau of Guam, new construction is underway to

June 15, 2022

S.Korea to join multilateral missile defense drill, fire SM-2 missile interceptors in Hawaii

The Korea Herald: South Korea’s Navy will join a Pacific Dragon multilateral ballistic missile defense exercise and separately conduct a

June 14, 2022

Austin: How the U.S. Walks, Chews Gum at the Same Time

U.S. Department of Defense: As the United States works toward a free and open Indo-Pacific it also is leading the

June 9, 2022

Ukraine hopes to buy Iron Dome from Israel

Washington Examiner: Ukraine is hoping to purchase Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system and obtain other Israeli military assistance that

June 9, 2022

Pentagon names Biden’s US Strategic Command nominee

The Hill: President Biden has nominated the head of Air Force Global Strike Command to be the next leader of

June 9, 2022

Pentagon promises cruise missile defense lead after lawmakers threaten salary of DOD’s No. 2

The Hill: The Pentagon has promised it will soon appoint a lead agency for developing defenses against cruise missiles after a

June 8, 2022

Ukraine invasion prompts congressional push for a new look at Patriot missile defense needs

Defense One: Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has drawn new attention to the cruise and ballistic missile threat in the European

June 8, 2022

With hypersonic worries, lawmakers request reports on US missile defense

Breaking Defense: A House Armed Service Committee panel wants the Defense Department to submit a new assessment detailing the Pentagon’s