Missile Defense News

July 19, 2021

US, Israel Agree to Improve Air Defenses

Asharq Al-Awsat: Israeli Air Force (IAF) representatives met this week with US air defense officials to discuss improving air defense

July 19, 2021

US Army Launches Patriot Missiles During Talisman Saber 21

U.S. Army: U.S. Army Pacific Air and Missile Defense units working with Australian Defence Force counterparts completed the first ever

July 19, 2021

PAC-3 and F-35 Team Up to Defeat Threat in US Army Flight Test

ASD News: A Lockheed Martin PAC-3 missile successfully intercepted a surrogate cruise missile threat at White Sands Missile Range (WSMR),

July 15, 2021

Israel’s Iron Dome Mistakenly Fired at Fighter Jet During May’s Gaza Fighting

Haaretz: In May, the Israeli military said that an Iron Dome interceptor missile struck an unmanned drone mid-air during fighting

July 15, 2021

Italy and UK to Refurbish 1,000 Aster Missiles

The Defense Post: The Organisation for Joint Armament Cooperation (OCCAR) has signed a contract with the Franco-Italian Eurosam consortium, co-owned

July 14, 2021

US Army to fire Patriot missile for first time in Australia during Talisman Sabre

Stars and Stripes: A combined task force of 17,000 U.S., Australian, New Zealand, Japanese, South Korean and British troops kicked

July 13, 2021

House appropriators fund Hawaii missile defense radar, but cut dollars for Guam

Defense News: House and Senate lawmakers have been pushing to boost the Missile Defense Agency’s fiscal 2022 budget, and they continue to advocate

July 13, 2021

Missile Defense Agency confirms deployment of cubesats launched by Virgin Orbit

Space News: Two Missile Defense Agency cubesats launched June 30 aboard Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne successfully began communicating with ground stations

July 12, 2021

Turkish Army to deploy Hisar missiles to boost air defense

Daily Sabah: Turkey’s Hisar A+ air defense missile system has been delivered with all its elements and the Hisar O+

July 12, 2021

Afghanistan Installs Anti-Missile System at Kabul Airport

The Defense Post: Afghan authorities said Sunday they have installed an anti-missile system at Kabul airport to counter incoming rockets, as the Taliban pressed on with