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July 18, 2019

Why the S-400 and the F-35 Can’t Get Along

Defense One: Today’s radar systems and aircraft need to share a lot of information. That’s a problem when the

July 18, 2019

US cuts Turkey from F-35 program after Russian missile deal

CNBC: America’s most expensive weapons platform lost one of its founding international partners on the heels of a multi-billion

July 17, 2019

Irate Over Military Exercises, North Korea Threatens To Resume Nuclear, Missile Tests

NPR: North Korea warned Tuesday that negotiations with the United States could falter and that its nuclear and missile

July 17, 2019

Trump Says Turkey Won’t Get F-35s Over Russian Missile System

Bloomberg: President Donald Trump confirmed reluctantly that Turkey won’t be able to buy the U.S. F-35 fighter that it

July 17, 2019

Iran Rejects Pompeo’s Suggestion It Is Willing to Negotiate Over Missile Program

NY Times: WASHINGTON — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Tuesday that Iran appeared willing to negotiate over

July 16, 2019

North Korea warns it might resume nuclear and missile tests over scheduled U.S.-South Korean war games

CBS News: Seoul, South Korea — The North Korean regime has suggested it is rethinking whether it should abide

July 16, 2019

Russian planes continue to deliver parts for missile defense system to Turkey

Defense News: ANKARA, Turkey — Turkey hopes to co-produce high-tech weaponry systems with Russia in the future, Turkish President

July 15, 2019

For Third Day, Russia Delivers Missile System Parts To Turkey

Radio Free Europe: Russia has sent new components of its S-400 air-defense system to a military air base near

July 15, 2019

India’s Hypersonic Missiles Are a Major Threat to Pakistan

The National Interest: India’s test of a hypersonic missile signifies more than the advance of Indian weapons technology. It

July 12, 2019

SPECIAL REPORT: China, Russia Hypersonic Programs – Real Progress or Bluster?

National Defense Magazine: This part 2 of a 2-part special report on hypersonic technologies. China and Russia’s intention to