Threat News

November 13, 2015

Russian Northern Fleet Warships Hold Missile Firing Drills in Barents Sea

Sputnik News: The Russian Northern Fleet ships are firing at sea targets as one group. MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Warships from Russia’s

November 12, 2015

Pacific News Minute: Beijing-Taipei Summit Raises Awkward Question of Chinese Missiles

HPR-2: State media in China reported positively on this weekend’s historic meeting between the Presidents of China and Taiwan –

November 10, 2015

Revealed: China Tests Secret Missile Capable of Hitting US Satellites

The Diplomat: China has conducted a flight test of a new anti-satellite missile, the The Washington Free Beacon reports. The test of

November 10, 2015

China flaunts cruise missile power amid South China Sea row

The Economic Times: Amid deepening row with the US over disputed South China Sea where American ships challenged China’s claims

November 10, 2015

Russia finalizes contract for delivery of air defense missile systems to Iran, official says

StarTribune: Russia has finalized a contract for the delivery of advanced air-defense missile systems to Iran, the head of a

November 9, 2015

Revealed: Russia Test-Fired Nuclear Missiles

The Diplomat: Last week, the Russian military conducted weapon drills involving its strategic nuclear forces and high-precision long-range weapons, according

November 5, 2015

Russia Delivers Missile Systems to Syria to Avert Stealing of Warplanes

Sputnik Russia has delivered missile defense systems to Syria in order to prevent the possibility of Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft

November 4, 2015

Russia Set to Scrap 17 Outdated Topol Missile Launchers by 2017

Sputnik The Topol entered service with the Russian Strategic Missile Forces in 1988 and is being gradually replaced with more advanced Topol-M and

November 3, 2015

Iran taking key step toward implementation of nuclear accord

The Jerusalem Post: Iran has begun taking its uranium enriching centrifuges off-line, a key step toward implementation of the nuclear

November 3, 2015

Russia to Develop Counter Measures to US Missile Defense System in Europe

Sputnik: The need for a corresponding response to the deployment of the US missile defense system near Russian borders was previously announced by former Russian