Threat News

April 23, 2015

China Warns North Korean Nuclear Threat Is Rising

Wall Street Journal: China’s top nuclear experts have increased their estimates of North Korea’s nuclear weapons production well beyond most

April 23, 2015

Bill Seeks Info on Russian Missile Sales

Defense News: WASHINGTON — A House bill would restrict the Pentagon’s ability to purchase space launch services from Russian companies,

April 22, 2015

Russia’s Massive Military Buildup in Asia

The National Interest: Russia has doubled the number of S-400 air defense system it deploys in its far east region

April 21, 2015

Russia’s Sale of the S-300 to Iran Will Shift Military Balance Across the Middle East

Council on Foreign Relations: It’s been widely reported that Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided to sell the Russian-made S-300

April 21, 2015

How Iran Fooled the United States

The National Interest: The recent interim framework struck by the United States, its partners, and Iran in Lausanne has generated

April 17, 2015

US General Tells Senate North Korea Can Hit US With Nuclear ICBM News: The U.S. commander in South Korea said Thursday that he believes North Korea has the ability to fit

April 15, 2015

Russian Nuclear Submarine: Navy Fleet Grows With New Ballistic Missile Vessel

International Business Times: Russia has added a nuclear-powered submarine to its navy forces, bringing the total number of Borei-class nuclear

April 15, 2015

Is there a new nuclear arms race?

BBC: The US could spend more than $1 trillion (£675bn) over the next 30 years modernising its arsenal of nuclear

April 13, 2015

Russia to conduct 8 aerial, missile drills in 2015

Press TV: Russia says its aerospace forces are scheduled to conduct eight aerial and missile maneuvers in the southern part

April 10, 2015

Pentagon Chief: North Korea Missile Tests Reminder of Danger

Voice of America: U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter has called the latest test-firing of short-range missiles by North Korea a