Threat News

March 24, 2023

NORTHCOM: Russia Close to Persistent Nuclear Cruise Missile Attack Sub Presence off U.S. Coasts

USNI News: Russia could have its most powerful and quiet nuclear attack submarines on persistent patrols off either U.S. Coast

March 24, 2023

North Korea claims ‘radioactive tsunami’ weapon test at sea

AP News: North Korea claimed Friday to have tested a nuclear-capable underwater drone designed to generate a gigantic “radioactive tsunami”

March 24, 2023

U.S. Conducts Airstrikes in Syria in Response to Deadly UAV Attack

U.S. Department of Defense News: Earlier today, a U.S. contractor was killed and five U.S. service members and one additional

March 23, 2023

North Korea fires cruise missiles as allies stage drills

AP North Korea launched cruise missiles toward the sea on Wednesday, South Korea’s military said, three days after the North

March 22, 2023

Ukraine Situation Report: Explosions Rock Russian-Occupied Crimea

The Drive: Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence Directorate (GUR) claims that Russian Kalibr missiles were destroyed during transport in the town of

March 22, 2023

Russia boosts defences near Japan, accuses US of expanding Asia-Pacific presence

Reuters: Russia said on Wednesday that a division of its Bastion coastal defence missile systems had been deployed to Paramushir,

March 22, 2023

Russia hits Ukraine with missiles, drones as ‘dear friend’ Xi departs

Reuters: Russia blasted an apartment block in Ukraine with missiles on Wednesday and swarmed cities with drone attacks overnight, in

March 21, 2023

Russian cruise missiles destroyed in strike in Crimea, Ukraine Defense Ministry says

CNN: Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense said late Monday that a strike destroyed Russian “Kalibr” cruise missiles that were being transported by train

March 21, 2023

CENTCOM commander warns of growing Chinese arms exports

Janes: US Central Command (CENTCOM) commander General Michael Kurilla repeatedly warned that China has significantly increased its defence exports to

March 20, 2023

North Korea launches missile into sea amid US-South Korea drills

Army Times: North Korea launched a short-range ballistic missile toward the sea on Sunday, its neighbors said, ramping up testing