Threat News

July 27, 2015

N.K. rocket threats escalate

The Korea Herald: North Korea’s recent deployment of four multiple rocket launchers on a border island is raising questions

July 27, 2015

Test-firing medium-range ballistic missile doesn’t violate nuclear deal

Kuwait News Agency: Test-firing Iranian medium-range ballistic missiles does not violate the nuclear agreement between Iran and the world

July 23, 2015

Turkey Advances Indigenous Missile Programs

Defense News: The Turkish military does not boast the world’s most advanced gear for precision strikes but a number of

July 23, 2015

Russia Plans ‘Adequate Response’ To US Navy’s Missile Shield Expansion, Official Says

International Business Times: The United States Navy’s plan to outfit approximately 50 military ships with missile-defense capabilities will draw

July 22, 2015

Pentagon chief in Saudi to reassure on Iran

Agence France Presse: US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter landed in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday as part of a regional

July 22, 2015

North Korea upgrades missile tower for possible October launch

Reuters: North Korea has erected a new, taller launch tower at its missile base, possibly in preparation for firing

July 22, 2015

China Pushes Forward Hypersonic Missile Tests

Voice of America: China has conducted four hypersonic weapons tests in just 18 months, a sign of its continued

July 22, 2015

Russia To Send Iskander Ballistic Missile Systems To Siberia By September, Report Says

International Business Times: Russia’s armed forces in East Siberia will be trained and equipped with a new set of

July 22, 2015

Russia To Test New Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Within 2 Years, Will Rearm Missile Forces By 2021

International Business Times: Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces announced Tuesday that the testing of the country’s new Sarmat heavy intercontinental

July 21, 2015

U.S. Defense Secretary Visits Israel to Soothe Ally After Iran Nuclear Deal

New York Times: The Obama administration opened its Middle East reassurance tour on Monday with the secretary of defense,