MDAA Alerts

August 9, 2021

Our Newest Teammate

In recognition of the increasingly critical role of Missile Defense in the Indo-Pacific region, we are honored to announce MajGen

August 5, 2021

Islands in the Stream

The Defense of Hawaii is a component of the Defense of the United States Homeland. Strengthening the Defense of Hawaii,

July 30, 2021

Stabilizing Force

“We believe that we’re a stabilizing force; no matter where we are, what part of the world, we add value

July 13, 2021

Tethered Goats: Unleashing AEGIS and Enabling the Near Future of Robust Missile Defense

In looking back on the success that the U.S. Navy has had in the Pacific over the past 25 years,

July 8, 2021

The Newest Addition

We are honored to announce the Congressional Advisor to our Board of Directors, Mr. Jason Suslavich. Jason has over fifteen

July 2, 2021

Welcome to the Club

This week Switzerland, a land locked neutral country surrounded by NATO nations, chose to invest in the defense of their

June 23, 2021

“We Dare Not Tempt Them With Weakness”

With deliberate intent and less than a week after President Biden and President Putin held face to face talks, seven

June 17, 2021

Partnership with the University of Southern California

The Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance, in partnership with the University of Southern California (USC) and its Sol Price School of

June 17, 2021

Great Power Competition

In at time of Great Power Competition with the historic precedent of the first meeting of President Biden and President

June 10, 2021

Formidable Accomplishment

As President Biden heads to Europe on his first foreign trip as President, he is focused on building greater collaboration