Submarines: Russia Redefines Combat Ready

May 14, 2018

Strategy Page:

The Russian Navy has made a mess of its SSBN (ballistic missile nuclear subs) force and has done slightly better developing new SLBMs (Sea Launched Ballistic Missile). This is all about what kind of SSBN force Russia will have in the future and what those SSBNs will be capable of. At the moment the answersseem to be “diminished” and “not much”.

The problem is that the more successful SLBM work has been with its R-29 liquid fuel missile used in the elderly Delta IV class of SSBNs. There are six (of the original seven) Delta IVs still in service and that is only because each has been put through a two year shipyard upgrade of its electronics and some mechanical components. This includes the SLBM tubes and launch equipment so the Delta IV can handle the latest (MU2) version of the R-29 missile.

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