South Korea’s THAAD missile shield could be ‘overwhelmed’ by swarm-like attack from North

July 13, 2017


The successful interception test over the Pacific this week of a ballistic missile target using the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system is seen as a message to nuclear-armed North Korea of the technology’s capabilities.

Regardless, there are concerns how the controversial anti-missile system might work since it has yet to be battle-tested. Some are worried it could be “overwhelmed” by a swarm-like attack from North Korea, which is known to have hundreds of missiles in its arsenal.

At present, South Korea has two U.S.-supplied THAAD anti-missile launchers deployed. There’s also a THAAD battery deployed on Guam, where the U.S. military has bases.

The system is designed to shoot down short and medium-range missiles. Tuesday marked its first intermediate missile intercept test. The intermediate missile has a range of roughly 1,865 to 3,400 miles…

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