Russia Military Creates Ship Groups with Long-Range Missiles in Four Seas, Where Tensions with US are High

November 7, 2018


The Russian military has revamped its missile capabilities over the past year, establishing new units tasked with overseeing the use of precision and long-range weapons.

The Russian Ministry of Defense’s official newspaper Krasnaya Zvezda published an article Tuesday recapping a “landmark” year for the Russian armed forces. Detailing various defense achievements, the article revealed that “command and control bodies and special units have been formed that plan the use of high-precision long-range weapons and prepare flight missions for all types of cruise missiles.”

“As a result, full-fledged groups of precision weapon carriers have been created, capable of using missiles at targets at a distance of up to 4,000 kilometers [nearly 2,500 miles],” the official defense organ wrote.

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