Russia developing AI-powered missile that can think, steer, and select targets

August 7, 2017

International Business Times:

Russia is working on an AI-powered missile that may be capable of thinking and making decisions by itself. The aim is to create a missile that can choose its own targets.

“We saw this example, and when the Americans used it in Syria … when it is possible to re-direct [missiles] to targets” Boris Obnosov, Tactical Missiles Corporation CEO, said in an interview with Tass.

“Work in this area is under way. This is a very serious field where fundamental research is required” he added.

Obnosov also said that while certain aspects of such systems are available, there are several years of research left to achieve specific results. Those results involve giving missiles the ability to analyse the air, radar situations, and make real time decisions on altitude, direction, and speed of the flight on its own.

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