North Korea says its nukes are aimed at US, not South Korea

January 10, 2018

Washington Examiner:

NO NUKE TALK: The North Korean delegation sat stone-faced during yesterday’s talks when the South Korea representative briefly mentioned “denuclearization” during the first face-to-face talks between the two Koreas in two years. The agreed-upon agenda was the Olympics, and just the Olympics. And according to reporters who monitored a televised feed of the meeting, there was no response from the North’s chief negotiator, and most had a friendly upbeat tone.

But afterward, North Korea chief representative Ri Son Kwon castigated South Korean reporters for saying the negotiations included denuclearization, and said his country did not see South Korea as a military threat. “All our cutting-edge weapons, including our hydrogen bomb and intercontinental ballistic missiles, are not targeting our Korean brothers, China or Russia but the United States,” Ri said. “If we begin talking about these issues, then today’s good results might be reduced to nothing,” according to pool reports…

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