North Korea Celebrates Missile Launch With Interpretive Tap Dance and Rocket Songs

July 10, 2017


North Korea celebrated the launch of its newly developed intercontinental ballistic missile test—which some experts say has the capacity to reach Alaska and the Pacific Northwest—with an art performance that depicted the release of rocket Hwasong-14.

The Sunday spectacle was described by KCNA, North Korea’s state news service, as an event “enjoyed [by] respected leader Kim Jong Un” and high-ranking party officials. Kim’s personal entourage and senior military personnel mingled with the country’s national defense scientists who contributed to the missile launch.

Musical items included such “colorful numbers” as “Glory to Our Great Party,” “The Glorious Motherland,” some light relief in the form of “March of Rocket Artillery of the Republic” and a tap dancing troupe whose routine was performed to a song called “Toast to Victors”…

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