Iran Shows off Unusual Ship-Killing Torpedo/Missile Combination

March 1, 2019

Popular Mechanics:

Footage of a new Iranian missile that can be launched from a submarine appears to be genuine, according to an authority on submarines and submarine-launched weapons. The new ship-killer is designed to leave a submarine encapsulated in a torpedo. The missile then separates from the torpedo, homing in on enemy ships.

The new missile, called Jask-2, is just over ten feet long with a range of only 19 miles. It’s an Iranian copy of a Chinese missile called C-704 that’s designed to be carried by Iranian Ghadir-class midget submarines.

According to submarine authority H.I. Sutton, author of the Covert Shores undersea warfare blog, the missile is launched in a somewhat unusual manner. “For submarine-launched missiles like Harpoon and Exocet, the capsule is expelled from the submarine and rises to the surface where the end comes off and the missile motor is ignited,” Sutton explained to Popular Mechanics. “Jask-2 is unique because the capsule has its own motor.”

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