Increasing Iranian Missile Threat on Israel’s Northern Border

October 24, 2018

Breaking Israel News:

As a result of IDF airstrikes against its military bases in Syria, Iran has been forced to transfer its anti-Israel assets to Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon. This effort, involving upgrading hundreds of thousands of missiles, uses nefarious method and may even involve a more imminent nuclear threat than previously thought.

Fox News reported on Friday that Western intelligence sources believe Iran has increased its shipments of advanced weapons to the Hezbollah, Iran’s terrorist proxy based in Lebanon. It is believed that Iran shipped Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) components to Hezbollah, which will be used to upgrade unguided missiles, turning them into precision guided weapons. Fox reported that one such shipment arrived in Lebanon last Tuesday.

This is consistent with claims made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he addressed the United Nations General Assembly in September. Netanyahu warned that Hezbollah was using Lebanese civilians as human shields by hiding missiles in Beirut to be used against Israel. He claimed factories in Lebanon were converting the low-tech missiles into high-tech precision missiles.

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