Coalition Jet Fighter Intercepted by Hostile Air Defense Missile in Yemen

March 22, 2018


A coalition jet fighter on a mission in Yemen was ‘intercepted’ by hostile fire but managed to return safe to base, the spokesman for the Saudi-led coalition fighting for the Legitimacy in Yemen said on Wednesday.

Col. Staff Turki Al-Turki said the incident, which happened at 3:48 p.m. Wednesday, saw a coalition fighter jet targeted by a hostile missile launched from Yemen’s Saada airport. The jet managed to return fire as well as complete its mission, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Al-Turki said the missile used was not part of the Yemeni air defense capabilities as they have been destroyed by the coalition, but evidence that the Iranian regime is continuing to smuggle “qualitative field capabilities” to the Houthis in a flagrant challenge to the world community resolutions, including U.N. Resolution No. 2216…

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