China Reportedly Ramps Up Testing of New Long Range Air-Launched Missile

April 13, 2018

Sputnik News:

The People’s Liberation Army’s new weapons system is said to be analogous to the Kinzhal, a new, highly maneuverable, hypersonic air-launched Russian missile system whose existence was unveiled last month.

The Chinese military has conducted five flight tests of a new nuclear-capable air-launched ballistic missile (ALBM) and a modified long-range strategic bomber to go along with it, sources with knowledge of US intelligence assessments on the PLA have told The Diplomat.

The unnamed missile, classified by US intelligence as the CH-AS-X-13, is a two-stage, solid-fuel ballistic missile with a 3,000 km range, and has been undergoing testing since late 2016, with the last test conducted in January 2018, a source speaking to the magazine said.

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